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Discussion in 'Collie (Smooth)' started by thorpwest, Jan 15, 2021.

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    Puppy - guarding and fixation

    Hi All (sorry long post!)
    I'm new to puppies but not new to collies, have had them for 20+ years! We have a 17 week old puppy and we are being challenged by his behaviour there are 2 main problems

    1.Currently he is fixating on a mop cupboard in the hall and does not not like to be moved from staring at the cupboard - we have the same problem in the garden that he just sits and stares at a fixed spot - we have tried calling, being exciting, toys and treats nothing will voluntarily move him from either spot - he has bitten my husband twice when he has tried to move him by gently pulling on his harness (not Collar) I am now putting him on the lead and gently removing him from the spots that he is fixating on - is this the correct method?

    2. We also have a problem with him guarding the kitchen door to prevent us from leaving the room!! He currently has to be kept in the kitchen diner as he needs to be separated from our older female collie that he is also fixated on! She dislikes the fixation and has told him off various times, which he pays no attention to and this was starting to escalate, so the trainer advised us to keep the separate for the time being, she is currently living in the lounge, we do have them together in the garden but only with a distraction toy as well (ball games). My husband seems to be the target of the puppy's angst and I am having to go in to the kitchen to settle puppy to allow him to leave the room.

    We are currently attending online training with Puppy School and when puppy is focused he is doing well at this, can sit stay down touch watch etc.

    We know puppy is young, lockdown is not helping but could do with some advice.

    Many thanks Mandy
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