Puppy weight Diet

Discussion in 'Boston Terrier' started by Katie Copeland, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Puppy weight

    Hey guys,

    My husband and I hve recently gotten our first Boston terrier puppy, from what I’ve read they have sensitive tummies and can be picky eaters.

    Our little one is 13 weeks and weighs 6.6lbs she has a nice full belly after eating but doesn’t like to eat often no matter what foods we try. We brought her home on the diet her breeder had her on but she got sick so we got her a prescribed wet food from the vet. She wasn’t really hungry for either but now likes the wet food more. However the wet food is giving her diarrhea.

    She also looks too thing for my liking genres I’ve never owned a small breed dog but it’s not like I’m not feeding her enough she just doesn’t like to eat! Tips or ideas pleaseeeee and is her weight heathy? The vet didn’t mention her being thin but her little hips show and it makes me upset.
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