Puppy with Anxiety! Training

Discussion in 'Cavalier King Charles Spaniel' started by Elisabeth Lee, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Puppy with Anxiety!

    hi all! My name is Elisabeth and I have a 5 month old Cavalier named Stevie! Throughout the summer she has been so great, sleeping through the night, easy to put in her crate when I left for a little while, and overall very low maintenance.

    About 3 weeks ago she and I moved to a new place which has been a little overwhelming for her and she’s had a hard time adjusting (very clingy, waking during the night) and has also started teething which has caused a lot of anxiety for her. I’ve been practicing leaving her in her crate for short amounts of time and building up to longer periods, but she gets very anxious when she can’t see me. I’m going back to work next week (but I work nearby and she’ll never be alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time) and I’m worried how she’ll do. The past few days have been the hardest it’s been, I left her in her crate for about 10 minutes today and she was frantic, barking and howling, and digging to get out all of which she’s never done before. She’s usually very sweet and quiet but I’m worried she’ll bother my neighbors (we live in an apartment) and my land lord will ask us to leave.

    I’ve been spending these past few weeks working with her to get a good routine going, getting her comfortable in our new home, and helping her adjust. Overall she’s doing well and as long as I’m around she’s easy as can be and so well behaved. I just need some advice on how to ease the separation anxiety, and help me feel comfortable leaving her in her crate when I go to work. I am nearby and can quickly come back to check on her/walk her at lunch, but I’m just worried it will cause too much stress on her!

    Please help! I just want my sweet baby to be able to relax and not be so anxious. What can I do for her?
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