Question re Pugs - plus's and minus's Questions

Discussion in 'Pug' started by lore, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Anne-Marie

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    Isn't that awful, scamming people who are trying to give a dog a good home:cry: :-(

    Pugs are ace, they are definitely on my love list!! They are certainly in that ugly-cute category that Frenchies are:lol:
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    Pugs are clingy dogs, because they’re people dogs which thrive on human companionship. This shouldn’t come as any surprise, because they were bred to be companion dogs. If you get a Pug, expect it to be at your feet and under your feet all the time. Not once in a while, or during meal time…all the time. A Pug will follow you, everywhere. Some people find this endearing, other people find it maddening or at least occasionally annoying. Think long and hard about this one, because you may not realize it bothers you until it happens. If this clingy nature is something that you think might bother you, don’t get a Pug.

    The above is sooo true :)
  4. jaymacv

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    I got a pug last year and she is now 1yr and a bit and utterly adorable! :005:
    She snores a lot, snorts a lot, makes very weird noises, tries to follow me into the toilet, sleeps outside the door when I'm in the shower and she started to fart recently and can clear a room within seconds. :grin:
    She hates getting the big wrinkle over her nose cleaned and wriggles like mad and rubs her face afterwards, but I do insist as she is possible the messiest eater EVER! :shock:
    Another thing. I'm not sure if my pug is just a bit weird but she adores children. If we're walking and she sees a kid she pulls like crazy, yet she doesn't like to be petted by strangers (she prefers being chased!)
    I do love her though :007:
  5. Tammy1976

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    Over many years I have owned 3 Pugs and I have to say they have always been fantastic. They are so friendly, full of character and imo very beautiful/unique dogs.

    They are also very loyal and superb with children.

    I have to say they ofc have a downside as do all dogs and I will list them for you,

    1, they moult, alot
    2, they are quite hard to train
    3, they snore
    4, they fart
    5, they do something that I have read is called "backward sneezing". It kinda sounds like they are clearing there throat, like humans who have a cold do if they have phlegm in there throat and when you first hear them doing it can be quite shocking lol, you soon get used to it though and they only do it when they are glugging water fast, eating fast or getting out of breath from playing.
    6, you have to be very careful with there eyes
    7, there teeth are very hard to brush

    Now even though that seems like a long list I have to say that pugs are still an absolutely fantastic family pet. They are also, as all dogs are, best bought from a very reputable breeder (more so due to there very flat faces and possibility of breathing problems if badly bred)and I expect you can buy one for between £900-£1200.

    I currently have a Pug cross French Bulldog however she looks exactly like a full Pug except her fur is brindle. Here is a picture of Pepsi,


    Best of luck in your search for a Pug and I am sure you will be over the moon with one! :)
  6. JulieSS

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    Most breeds have funny characters, I think that's more a personality thing that "X breed is so funny" etc and also personal taste :) .
    I think mops and bulldogs look extremely funny, but due to their health problems I'd never want to buy one and support breeding of them until more breeders are working for better health.
    I don't think breeders should have views such as the nose wrinkle has to be larger than the nose of the dog (!!).
  7. Trouble

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    My Pug is as mad as a box of frogs but she
    1) Doesn't moult any more than any of the other dogs
    2) Wasn't any more difficult to train either and is very quick and clever, too clever by half when it suits her.
    3) Doesn't snore half as much as my Staffie but does tend to sound asthmatic when hot, so goes and stands in front of the fan until I turn it on for her.
    4) Doesn't fart.
    5) Doesn't reverse sneeze but my terrier does. My pug doesn't have an elongated palate but my terrier does.
    6) You do have to be very careful with their eyes because they are right at the front of their face.
    7) I don't brush her teeth as she is raw fed and is always gnawing on bones. Although I can imagine she wouldn't take kindly to it if the vet trying to give her a worm tablet is anything to go by. He gave up eventually and I gave it to her in food, gone in an instant.
    She is a character and a complete comedian, she has made me laugh every day since she arrived. I guess you either love them or not and I do.
    Forgot to add she barks like you wouldn't believe, probably due to living with 3 gobby Dobermanns and a gobby terrier, the only quiet one is the staffie.
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  8. Berger

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    I have a little x breed who we were told is a cavalier x pug. She is from a BYB as far as we know.
    She came to us with a PDA heart murmer but after surgery she is 100% fine now.
    Now I do not recommend BYB or designer dogs but she is the most amazing little dog ever!
    She is fantastic with kids, will take as much or as little excercise as is given, is as smart as a whip and learns things so so quickly. She has just turned two and my daughter (11) and I are thinking or taking up agility with her.
    She loves everybody and everything, but we worked alot on socialising her from day one as she was afraid of her own shadow when she came to us bless her.
    She does do that reverse sneezing thing and molts to high heaven, but I also own a Leo so thats no big deal in this house!
    She is such a funny happy little character and is definitely a velcro dog.
    Here is Skye


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    Beautiful doggie x

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