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Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by Jeff Crook, Nov 14, 2019.

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    I have seen several people mainly in the UK calling for banning the Frenchie breed due to there health problems. As a owner of two Frenchies I can’t imagine ever not having one. Where do you guys land?
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    I am hoping the situation will self-regulate as Frenchie and Pug registrations are well down this year, and so many are ending up abandoned, and in the care of rescue organizations. Of course, the KC estimate that only a third of pure-bred dogs are registered, so nobody really knows the full extent of the problem. The too-sudden popularity of these breeds created a great deal of indiscriminate breeding from a previously small gene pool, with much of it concentrating on the so-called 'rare' colours, and at the expense of health points. So many owners have not been able to afford the operations needed to allow proper breathing, or to repair stifle joints, (for example).

    Of course it would not be possible to 'ban' a breed of dog, but the Dutch Kennel Club have been so concerned about the health problems in the breed that they proposed de-registering them. However, the Breed Clubs objected, and I don't think anything has actually happened. As you say, UK vets are also unhappy with the condition of these short nosed breeds, but if the decline in ownership continues at the current rate, there will be far fewer of the indiscriminate litters being bred, and control will return to the breed enthusiasts. I'm sure that the time will never come when you will not be able to get an FB puppy, but you may have to wait longer to get the right one.

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