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Discussion in 'Newfoundland' started by Tancred, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Questions about Newfies

    Hello, I am planning on buying a dog in the future, not the near future but in a few years. I did some research and met some Newfoundland dogs and really liked them. However I still have a few lingering questions and concerns.

    First, I own a small house with a small yard, is that adequate for a Newfie? Some sources say Newfies are good even in apartments if given enough exercise but other sources say they need more space. Also, do Newfies bark a lot? I live close to my neighbors so excessive barking could be a problem. Finally, do Newfies really suffer from many health problems and a short (often less than ten years) life expectancy?

    I love big dogs and Newfies seem to fit what I want in a laid-back, trainable dog that is friendly and good with people. I used to own Dobermans but would never own one again since they were a bit too much to handle.

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    Most of the giant breeds have a shorter than average life-span. There are exceptions to the rule but I would say that ten years would be considered old. From what I have seen of them at shows, adult Newfies are placid characters and not noisy, but a youngster could be both strong and lively. Personally, I would like to provide more space than a small yard.
    The breed does suffer from hip dysplasia, and bloat can also be a problem in the larger bodied breeds. They have an oily, waterproof coat - as you might expect in a water dog - it might take quite a bit of coat care to avoid a doggy smell. They are a lovely breed, but they do have a fair amount of slobber.
    When the lockdown eases, visit a large show and talk to some breeders before deciding that this is the right breed for you. Contacts would be found on the breed club website.
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    My friends bred and showed Newfies and I have worked around them for many years. On the hole they are a very placid breed, kind and friendly. They seemed quite happy to chill out for most of the day lazing about. Having said that the odd one or two can be more boisterous and naughty... Its like any dog really they aren't all out of the same mould... and yes they are very slobbery...
    A very kind and charming dog with lots of plus points...

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