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Discussion in 'Collie (Rough)' started by Tancred, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Questions about Rough Collies


    I am thinking about getting a dog in the future, not the near future but maybe in a few years. I have done some research and taken a number of those online dog breed selector quizzes and I usually get the Rough Collie as my best match. I am looking for a laid-back, friendly dog. I used to own Dobermans but I think they were too much dog for me and would like a more laid-back dog this time around.

    I have only met one Rough Collie in my time. She was a good dog as I recall (it was a long time ago), so I wonder what Rough Collies are like to live with. Do Rough Collies really bark a lot? This could be a problem since I live close to my neighbors. I live in a small house with a small yard, will that be adequate space for a Rough Collie? I will certainly walk and play with my Rough Collie if I get one but I worry that a Rough Collie might need more physical and mental stimulation than I could give. I have read that they are fairly laid-back dogs, though. Is this true? Some sources say Rough Collies can become nervous or destructive.

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