Red itchy skin - 15 week old male Frenchie Questions

Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by Gus Blake, Jan 12, 2020.

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    Red itchy skin - 15 week old male Frenchie

    Hi all,

    I've turned to this forum for help! I've had my Frenchie Hugo since birth and he's in perfect health condition other than his skin. Within the last week he's been itching constantly and nearly always on his ribs.

    His groin, tummy and neck are red and sore, with what appears to be blotchy marks. I've tried soothing anti-itch rubs, de-flea/tick, but doesn't seem to improve his condition.

    I feed him a fresh food diet, which consists of this twice a day (which he has had since he started on solids)
    Approx 150g roasted sweet potato
    Approx 30g steamed broccoli
    Approx 125g of roasted skinless chicken thigh
    1 TBSP olive oil
    Sprinkles of tumeric
    1 Fish Oil capsule all mixed in
    No treats.

    I'm at a loose end here as to what to do, has anyone experienced a similar issue with a french bulldog and if so, how did you solve it? I am hesitant to go to the vet due to very high bills and diagnosis could take a while. I've attached a picture for reference for you all to look at.


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    It could be an allergic reaction to something he has eaten, something he has come into physical contact with, a change of washing soap for his bedding - it could be anything. Only an examination by a vet can give a definite answer, with a skin scrape and a few plucked hairs to examine to confirm or rule out various possibilities.

    I do not think that a diagnosis can be made just from a photograph of some raised spots and what looks like some hair loss where he has been scratching.

    Unfortunately vet bills are a part and parcel of owning a dog, and if you do not have pet insurance perhaps your vet would allow payments?
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    I take it that you have bred Hugo yourself - is this the diet that you feed to his mother and reared the litter on? If his mother has had no problems with chicken as the sole protein source, have you asked the stud dog owner for any advice? Have you tried any alternative protein sources, such as white fish, salmon, beef, lamb or duck.
    Personally, this is not a diet I would choose to raise a puppy on. It sounds more like a human diet, - why does so much of it need to be roasted? It also seems to be lacking mineral content. I would be more inclined to try Hugo on a top quality food that has been designed and balanced with small to medium breed puppies in mind - and at this age, he would still be on four meals a day.
    If you have objections to using a commercial diet, my preferred alternative would be raw feeding, specifically along BARF lines.
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    How old is he?

    I'd change the chicken to a different protein too and see if that calms him down.

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