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Discussion in 'Irish Terrier' started by Sydney McBride, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Rescued Irish Terrier

    Hello fellow Irish Terrier Lovers,
    I rescued an Irish Terrier (Rizzo) 1yr ago January 29th. I do not know a lot about her history but I have my suspicions she was certainly mistreated. She’s very skittish around other humans and dogs. She is my shadow and panics if she thinks I am leaving. We were making great strides as it related to socialization, walking on a leash, and general listening. However, we seemed to have come to a road block and perhaps even regressed slightly. My younger sister moved in with us in August. Rizzo was not happy about it. She peed in my sisters bedroom multiple times, she had never had an accident in the house prior to this. Rizzo then started getting into the bathroom trash in both my sister and my bathrooms, she likes tissues/toilet paper/papertowels, and again she had never done this prior. Lastly, she’s a fairly good walker on a leash but recently she has become aggressive lunging and barking at every dog we see. This is a drastic change from her timid demeanor where she would simple cower by my side as we saw other dogs. I grew up with Irish terriers but we always raised them from puppies. She is my first rescue and I am at a loss for what to do. Any training recommendations for us would be greatly appreciated. She is such a good dog I just know she has potential to be better and I want to help her make it there.
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