Russian Black Terrier (RBT/BRT) Anyone know of any breeders? Questions

Discussion in 'Russian Black Terrier' started by Laura-Anne, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Russian Black Terrier (RBT/BRT) Anyone know of any breeders?

    Hey guys,

    Have searched through previous posts but not found any detaild quite like im looking for.

    So Ive been looking for some time now and contacted a few breeders but cant seem to find anyone breeding RBT's especially not in Scotland let alone the breeder im looking for. Does anyone know of any good breeders still breeding at all?

    Im looking for a breeder who is willing to risk losing my interest (which wont happen) by challenging my knowledge and expectation of the dog, isnt put off by my questions, tests and breeds for healthy, working dogs with a good temprament. Im not sure when I will be able to get the dog, could be a year could be 5 but it will happen and I want to have found the right breeder when that time comes not just take any dog available on the market. Only reason not looking for one right now due to their size, although I know they can do well in flats if excercised appropriatly it would not be fair on any of my current dogs of future dog in my current accomodation. Looking to get him a) if i move back in with my mum and dad which is possible at the moment b) when i move on next yr or yr after to a larger property with garden access.

    Any help would be appreciated :)


    Laura x
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    There are breeders around as I see them at shows quite a bit. Maybe your best bet would be to go to a champ show (there's one in Scotland at the end of the month) and watch the breed in the ring then see if you can chat to some exhibitors. Some are bound to be breeders. Good luck with your search. They are lovely dogs.
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    I would just add that though I too think they are beautiful looking dogs there are a lot of health problems in the breed and I know of a dog obedience class trainer in Norfolk who bought one and is having difficulties with it temperament wise.
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    I agree , you have to be careful what lines you buy from.

    I have a friend who breeds them, she has 4, the last time I spoke to her,

    If I was you, I would contact as many breeders as possible and get to as many shows , to talk and see the dogs in person.

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