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Discussion in 'Dogue de Bordeaux' started by CraTom, May 17, 2017.

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    Seeking knowledge

    New here,,hoping to gain knowledge from experts,,,we just got a new douge de Bordeaux puppy and hoping to find some strategy for house training,,,as he does not make any noise to go outside,, this is new to us,,,appreciate any info or tricks, strategy that anyone has that worked for them ,,Thankyou so much
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    Hi Craig, welcome to the forum. I have no special knowledge of DDB, but house training is pretty general, so I'll give you my method. I'm assuming that he is a baby puppy.

    Let your puppy outside after every sleep, every meal, every drink.
    Watch him for signs that he is sniffing at the floor, and do not let him go more than an hour without giving him the opportunity to have a wee. If you think you are likely to miss the signs, put a couple of cat bells on his collar, the tinkling will remind you to get him out. Take a few small treats with you, and stand with him until he goes, then praise and reward him. Give each function a name, I use Quicky for wees, and (embarrassingly), Poopoo for the other, so it's, 'Gooood Quicky' + treat.
    At night, I find it an advantage to use a covered crate. Let it be large enough to have a wet corner, and still leave room to curl up and sleep in a dry space.
    I have recently had to housetrain an adult kennel dog, and have been quite impressed by the results of using bells which hang from the door handles. Google, House Training Bells for Dogs, for further details.
    Good Luck.
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    Everything Carole says with the addition to take out after play too as once they start to relax again, so does the bladder.

    Once your pup has got into the habit of going outside, you'll find that a bark, or a nudge, or whatever sign he wants to give to let you know that he wants the garden will follow.

    As with all training, patience, persistence and perseverance pays off as well as consistency.

    Good luck and enjoy your puppy x
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    as Carole and Chris said...the way to get a puppy house trained is the same as by all consequent and patient and alert after the puppy has played, has eaten or after a nap/sleep...and remember that dogs will have control over their bladder only at the age after a half year...before this period it could happen accidents ;)

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