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Discussion in 'Pekingese' started by Pawprintsx4, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Hi all. My pekingese just had a seizure. It’s the third one in about two months. He’s had them a few times over the years. He’s 10 years old. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.
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    Hello Sheri - I am sorry to read that your Pekinese has had seizures. What does your vet say and when did the seizures first start, were they soon after the dental treatment he had and/or his skin problems, or were they before, and has he at any time suffered from any trauma to his head [apart from the trauma of the tooth extractions]?

    You say he has had three seizures in the last two months, are they increasing in frequency now or are they fairly regular, also exactly how do the seizures manifest themselves and how long do they last?

    I would suggest that you keep an online diary, noting dates/times/duration of seizures and whether anything different has happened such as changes in food, any cleaning products in the home, new plants in the yard or where you take him for walks etc. See if there is any pattern that might trigger a sz.

    If your vet has suggested taking him to a neurologist - and if either a neuro or your vet suggests anti-epileptic medication, please be aware that it will be for life.

    I do hope he will be OK.

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