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Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier' started by Baxter8, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Hi Baxter8,There are so many problems of breeders who get the book Dog Breeding for Dummies,all they want is hard cash,they are not worried about the product,but how do you solve it.An Imminent Professor Dr Hackett,used to say if they called time on having babies in Africa people could get on top of the problem with Aids,maybe something drastic like that would help some breeds,but instead with all the knowledge and stories in the press,people just keep breeding,there are responsible breeders,but they are in the minority. meanwhile the UK parliment are looking at the dog act,but I think that doesnt go far enougheven.If a responsible breeder do cut down their litters,as per the Kennel Club,they are not the problem,we need someone to call a halt so that some breeds recover.Gemini54
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    You are right Baxter. The bull breed is #1 for euthanasia in shelters, with the American Pit bull being the top put down breed. It's sad... as many of the dogs have lots to give.

    Lots of breeders do that here too. You put down a deposit on a puppy when it's born and when it's "old" enough (often as early as 6 weeks) you pay the rest and they just ship the dog to you.

    You don't meet the parents or litter, or even the breeder. You know nothing about true temperament or the conditions the dogs were living in. That is NO way to breed dogs!

    I had my dog with me one time, at a local park... and the children were playing with him, one child just loved him (could tell he was an animal lover) and he told me this:

    "I had a great dog, a pit... but she went to the dog pound because daddy said she was hollering too much"

    Girl, I almost cried! BTW, his dad looked like one of "those" type. Tattoos, ugly profanity all near the kids, etc. It was sad for me to see how gentle and great he was with dogs, and everything and to hear him say his dad sent the dog away because of barking or howling problems. He clearly really loved the dog, and was hurt by the loss of it.

    Idk why people get rid of dogs for stupid reasons like barking too much. It's a pretty easy problem to get rid of, and here in America, there are even crappy ways of doing it.. like anti bark collars.

    WAY too many dogs go to bad owners and then when a problem arises, they chunk the dogs into the pound, lock them outside and never even play with them or walk them... or, and this one is done a lot here, drive the dog somewhere far, and just let him out and drive off. My parents did that to one of my dogs when I was young :(

    Most breeder contracts are not observed and if they get tired of the dog... the blame the breeder for selling them a "crappy" dog and out of anger towards the breeder and the dog, they make it a point not to return the dog back to the breeder.

    Dog goes to the pound, breeder checks up on dog... they tell breeder dog accidentally escaped and ran away or was stolen or something. Microchips are worthless, because often... the pound doesn't even find your dog.. but rather he is killed in the streets, or if it is a pure bred dog.. stolen for breeding or something.

    Also, when you live in areas where the law simply doesn't care about dogs... the pounds don't even scan for chips as they don't care enough to try and return the dog. My puppy is microchipped by the shelter I got him from, but I sure won't be renewing it for just that reason.

    Also, you may not understand how many people here kill their own dogs. How hard is it to strangle a dog to death or club a dog over the head etc. inside ones house, and then go telling all the neighbors "Oh, he died."

    It's really done a lot here. My brother's friend's father JUST did this to his dog (we knew disaster was brewing, but I had never imagined....).

    I saw a playful pit bull knock down a child one time by accident and the child's father strung the dog up by the collar, and just kicked and hit the dog so many times, and hard... all the while shouting at the dog as if he understood English.

    All of it is so sad, and I'm so glad I've grown out of the mentality that many people here have.

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