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Discussion in 'Shetland Sheepdog' started by jesterjenn, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. jesterjenn

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    Sheltie cross


    I am wondering if anyone can give me some info.

    On Saturday I am having a Sheltie cross (don't know what crossed with) coming to me.

    She is between 12 - 14 years old and her owner decided she didn't want her anymore so just left her in kennels (poor girly).

    I have never met a Sheltie, let alone owned one, so I am wondering if people have just general experiences of them please. Are they energetic when they are older? Are they friendly? How much exercise do they need (this will obviously depend on her cross and also how slow she is for her age). Just general info would be much appreciated please.


    Jen x
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  3. muttzrule

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    I love shelties especially the oldies as they tend to be sweet snuggly little couch potatoes at that age. They can be a tad loud-barky-but not all of them are like that. Some of the poorly bred ones are nervey. But a nicely bred sheltie is bold and confident. Proper shelties require a fair bit of grooming, especially if they have been fixed as the change in hormones makes their coats almost double thick and fluffy. They dont' want to exercise at that age, but make sure they do, and watch their rations at meal times as they have a tendency, especially once fixed, to get a bit podgy.

    This one is mixed so really it could be nothing like a sheltie, or everything like one.

    Pics please when you get her and bless you for taking the old girl in. :( I hate it when owners abandon older dogs. Thats how I got my last sheltie. So sad.
  4. Hali

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    Hmm, I've not had good experience with the shelties that I've known - a combination of collie energy and 'small dog syndrome' (i.e. owners let them get away with murder) doesn't make for a nice dog.

    But having said that I know that one of YS's former dogs was a sheltie cross and Steph tells me that she was one of the best dogs ever.

    So I guess, like many dogs it is going to be how she has been raised/trained.

    Well done for taking her in - are you fostering her or planning to keep her (Or does it depend how things go?)
  5. jesterjenn

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    Aparently she is a spoilt brat who does have small dog syndrome, HOWEVER, that WILL change when she comes to me. I do not allow that sort of behaviour from any dogs that I am in the company of, be it a dog I own, or one that I am looking after. It is in my house, so therefore it will abide by my rules. I also believe that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, so it will learn (maybe a little slower than Jess would, but still will learn) to change its ways.

    It will be on a long term foster, so basically I will have her until she dies (that sounds really harsh, but it isn't meant in a bad way, just matter of fact).

    I can't believe someone would be so cruel to just leave her in kennels, especially at that age!

    Muttzrule - Thank you :) I think its personality will change enormously as to what she is a cross with. I don't even have a pic at the mo. will defo post pics when she arrives though :)
  6. Loki's mum

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    I've got a couple of elderly Shelties that come in for grooming and they are both sweet old ladies! I think it all depends on environmental factors - have they been trained, socialised, allowed to bark etc. like any of the herding breeds.
  7. youngstevie


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    Hiya hun, I had Meg a Sheltie cross, handreared her from 24 hours old and had her for 23 years.

    I couldn't of wished for a better dog, a real people dog and she was energetic till she reached the later 2 years when her age crept up.

    She looked like a sheltie more than the X and had one of the sweetest natures, not just with us but with any animal we brought in.

    I think my only thought on Meg was she had piggy eyes...:lol: Otherwise just perfect. A very loyal dog and very easy to train, very much a Mommies girl though she liked to keep me in sight:roll:

    The coat however needed high maintenance, she had to be brushed daily....sometimes twice depending on where we walked, she always brough half the shrubbery back with her:roll:

    Best wishes:mrgreen:

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