Shiba inu - Looking for information on the breed Questions

Discussion in 'Japanese Shiba Inu' started by cranberry1, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Shiba inu - Looking for information on the breed

    I've seen a few posts on shibas and see that a few people own them. We're looking to rehome an adult dog. I'm just looking for more info on the breed, preferably what it's like owning one, what your daily routine with him/her is, how much they eat....anything you can tell me about them is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi there! :)

    I have recently taken on an adult ex breeding girl - and it's been a bumpy ride alright! :lol:

    She is fantastic, I would hardly have her any other way. We've had a few troubles with her going to the loo indoors, but we're working on that, and she's improving greatly! She can also be a total theif, you have to keep your eye on her - but other than that she's fab, and I know we've had it lucky, as not all Shibas are so well behaved! :)

    Here's a link we found very useful indeed:

    Annnnnd a pic of our gorgeous girl to whet your whistle! :lol:

    I'm sure Vicki will reply to this at some point, her Shibas are wonderful <3 <3


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