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Discussion in 'Shih Tzu' started by pooja, May 11, 2021.

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    Shih tzu Puppy avoiding dog food

    My baby is 4 months old and he loves to play and is very active. But recently he has stopped eating his dog food. No matter what I mix in it he will not eat it. I give him Royal canine mini food. I have also tried adding chicken gravy/boiled egg to his food but he won't eat it. He wants to eat what we eat like rice, bread, biscuits, etc. Any other food alternatives? We also took him to the vet but he is perfectly fine.
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    Shih tzu's can be stubborn. And since they are cute, they've learned that their stubbornness combined with their expressive faces gets the what they want.

    Since there is no health issue, it may end up just trying to outstubborn her.

    First, no people food. None. Give her the usual dog food. Leave it down for about 10 minutes then pick it up. After a couple hours, put it down again. Repeat throughout the day. Don't let her beg your food - if you eat on the couch, she should be on the floor while you eat. If you eat at a table, she should not be under or at the table while you eat.

    Dog treats should only be given once she's eaten her meal. If she doesn't eat her meal, she doesn't get any treats that day.

    If she eats her dog food, praise her profusely and give her a special toy or do something she loves but no treat reward.

    If she doesn't start eating her dog food by the next day, you might talk to a trainer for help.

    My Cat-dog didn't want to eat her dog food. The foster home tried adding people food into the bowl, but she just picked it out. When I brought her home, I did the above. By the next night she was grudgingly eating her dog food. Within a week, she was fine with her dog food. Once she started eating the dog food, I added a dog cookie treat ocassionally. Within a month, I could give her a people treat (hot dog, french fry, etc) without it affecting her normal meals. I never give her my leftovers. People food is a special treat.

    She's not a fast or eager eater, but she eats her food every day.
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    Super Stubborn! We had the same thing with ours for ... years. In the end we discovered Piccolo - - The Chicken and Duck one. He really took to it, amazingly. May not be right for you, but getting anything to work would be a result.

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