Shih tzu. Puppy Questions

Discussion in 'Shih Tzu' started by Mggs, Nov 7, 2021.

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    Shih tzu. Puppy

    I just joined this forum. Thanks for letting me join. I recently got a shih tzu puppy. She is now 15 wks.old. I’m in the process of potty training her. If she does go,it takes her about 10-15mins. to go. Am I doing something wrong? Sometimes she won’t even go.
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    She's a baby. Life will interfere a lot at this point. Just be patient. When she does go potty, make a huge deal out of it. Praise her profusely. You can also start using a trigger word (like potty or pee or poop) just as she starts to go. As she learns to connect the trigger word to the act of pottying, you'll be better able to focus her on the job at hand.

    A couple other tips, don't take her for walks for potty time. Stay in your yard. Walks have interesting smells and sights and are distracting to the dog. In addition, many dogs develop a habit of not pottying until they've walked for 20+ minutes. This can be very annoying when it's storming, etc.

    By staying in the yard, the puppy learns that pottying is something done BEFORE the fun stuff starts. Once she potties in the yard, then you can take her out for a walk or play with her. But the potty comes first.
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    Not about a shih tzu puppy, but the advice should work the same!

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