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Discussion in 'Shih Tzu' started by Ken J, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Sleeping habits

    11-y.o. male Shih Tzu was sick about 3 months ago. Vet diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Received fluids, shot, special food and prescription. Recovered from that but sleeping habits totally changed. He used to sleep through the night but now wants to stay awake ALL night. Paws the covers, rambles in the bed and when we get up with him, he is up for the rest of the night rambling and staring at the door, window, etc. The vet tried him on Gabapentin which made little difference if any so was changed to Trazodone. Stated with 1/2 pill then to 3/4 pill which has basically made no difference. The vets are I think at a loss as to what his problem is. If anyone has experienced the same and has a solution, it would be much appreciated. Hard for us to keep going on 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Thanks.
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    I hesitate to suggest this but do you think that this behaviour might be an early sign of dementia?
    I have had a couple of long-lived dogs that have gone on to develop dementia, and when I came to think back I realised that there were early signs at around this age. One bouncy, exercise-loving chap would suddenly put the brakes on, and decide that he wouldn't go any further on his walks. If he was free running in fields with the others, he would suddenly stop and take off for home. He lived to 17 but, in the nicest way, his became increasingly eccentric.
    I can only suggest that you exercise him before he goes to bed, and don't get up with him when he makes a fuss. He may settle down again if it doesn't get the desired effect.

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