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Discussion in 'Crossbreeds Forum' started by Malka, Oct 4, 2018.

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    So we went to the store at the Pension

    No DrPet bikkies but there were some other night bikkies that Tikki likes. And some first-thing-in-the-morning before brekkie chews if she gets up early which she had had before and seems to enjoy them.

    It is nice to let her off lead when we park so she gets out of the taxi and she follows me into the store and wanders about, but she still not take any treats from Eviyatar. The Pension is right at the end of a road, no traffic, and their parking area is outside the store, so she is perfectly safe - but knowing Tikki she will not wander. And once inside the store she just wanders - but keeps coming back to check on me.

    Strange though that even thought she knows Eviyatar. she will not take a treat from him.
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