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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by My bear Yoji, Sep 8, 2020.

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    So, what have I missed ?

    Hey everyone
    Wow, what a time I’ve had !
    I know everyone else has things going on, but, the reason I have been ‘ away ‘ is we were hit by a blow, my daughter in law has been diagnosed with Myeloma, it’s the same cancer that my mum died from. It’s pretty rare, it’s a blood cancer, to say we are devastated is an understatement, she was 40 last week & has a beautiful daughter, Isabella...she is only 5.
    So, so cruel and for me personally to know what’s ahead of her because my mum went through the same treatments makes it hard for me to have a positive approach.
    It’s a cancer that cannot be cured, so she is having any treatment that they throw at her to prolong her life as much as possible.
    My hubby flew to UK to pick up Isabella, she stayed with us for 3 weeks whilst her mum had a stem cell replacement, we have to wait for 100 days to see if this treatment has helped.
    Add Covid 19 into the mix & everything has been crazy.

    Let’s talk dogs !
    How are all your gorgeous pooches doing ?
    Yoji has really settled down, he will be 4 in January. He will never grow out of his typical Akita traits, but, we know each other really well now and that in itself makes our lives so much easier.
    He likes the people he likes and the ones he doesn’t he will either bark at them or ignore
    We have learnt to tell people to leave him’s easier all round, but, with his boyish good looks people just want to ruffle his face !

    I haven’t read any posts in months, I will soon, but I just wanted to ‘ check in ‘
    I hope everyone is ok....stay safe xx
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  3. Malka

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    Hello Philippa - I am so sorry to hear about your poor daughter-in-law and hope that the treatment will ease things for her, and poor little Isabella - she must be so confused. There is not really anything more I can say, it there but send thoughts and prayers.

    Time flies so quickly - it only seems like yesterday that Yoji was a puppy. Incidentally, someone on the Moshav has a white Akita that looks just like Yoji. I do not know who it is and only noticed the dog a few weeks ago - seems like it is only taken out for walks on a Shabbat afternoon. Not much fun for the dog in the heat we have been [and still are] having.

    Good to see you back but again so sorry to hear the reason you have been away.

    Juli xx
  4. CaroleC

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    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter in law's illness. I hope the stem cell treatment is successful, the next 100 days will feel like a lifetime. My step-brother has returned to the UK for cancer treatment, and was lucky enough to be accepted for a new therapy that is looking very promising. Cancer treatments are improving, and more lives are being saved year on year, I hope Isabella's Mum will be one of them.
    Great to hear from you again, and I'm pleased to hear that all is well with Yogi. I really don't understand why people feel the need to touch other people's dogs. If complete strangers approached us, and wanted to touch, I think we would make our feelings known too!
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    Hi Philippa, nice to see you back, sorry to hear about your daughter in law, good to see Yoji is settling down and behaving himself.
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    Hi Philippa, Nice to see you back, I’d wondered what had become of you. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter in law.

    It’s nice to hear your and Yoji’s bond is growing deeper. Our dogs are pretty close in age, as Bandit will be 4 this Friday. My dogs like almost anyone who wants to give them attention but can tell if I don’t like someone.

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