Sudden excitation and biting Behaviour

Discussion in 'Siberian Husky' started by Mary-Kelly, Feb 24, 2021.

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    Sudden excitation and biting

    I got a siberian husky (metis but mostly husky) ten days ago. She's six months old and had no education (but she was loved and taken care of) and I can see a huge progress in a few days. However...
    She bites a lot. I think it used to be a game for her so I have to be patient. That's ok.
    But when she drinks (simple water), she immediately gets extremely agitated, bites, doesn't care about anything else, when she was perfectly calm before that. I'm a bit puzzled by this behaviour and it's very annoying when it happens at 2am. I obviously can't stop giving her water. Has anyone encountered the same issue...?
    Thank you :)
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