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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Alphatest, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Alphatest

    Alphatest Adminstrator

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    The best breed that you have owned?

    And why? :101:
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  3. Chris

    Chris Member

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    Two of 'em.

    Border Collie - fun, mischevious, loyal, thinking and lots of character

    Border Terrier - fun, mischevious, loyal, thinking and lots of character.

    I've found both breeds to be very similar character-wise with the Border Terrier being the 'easier' of the two breeds
  4. Velvetboxers

    Velvetboxers New Member

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    They are so people friendly & full of character, if a Boxer could get in under your skin to get close to you, they would do it. Intensely loyal, playful, intelligent and a good darn friend to have around :)
  5. Jackie

    Jackie Member

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    As above, they are versatile , and can turn a paw to any job you give them along with making you smile every day :007:
  6. Nippy

    Nippy New Member

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    Not really ever had a "breed" before this little tyke (JRT) but certainly the best cross was Mo, Greyhound Saluki cross.
    She was so gentle, obedient, loyal, loving and funny. :049:
  7. moetmum

    moetmum New Member

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    Also two

    Afghan Hounds - Intelligent clowns, a bit wilful.

    Basenji - Similar to the Afghans in character, very inquisitive always need to know what you are doing and sometimes they like to help (not).
  8. Fernsmum

    Fernsmum New Member

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    By a very long way the best breed is have ever owned is the whippet . They are very easy dogs .
    They have no hereditery faults .
    They are very healthy and long lived 12-14 years .
    They are easy to feed , not picky .
    They are easy enough to train without being too clever which can pose problems .
    They are very good natured with people and other dogs . In over 22 years of owning them I have never known an aggressive one . I have brought adult whippets who my dogs did not know into my house and there have been no problems .
    They love a good run but apart from that are fairly lazy .
    Their coat requires little grooming .
    They are a nice size . If you had to carry an injured one you could .
    They have lots of character and are very amusing especially when you have a few .
    They are in general very calm .
    They are vey naughty as pups which I think is very funny .:lol:
  9. Jenny

    Jenny New Member

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    I'm biased but of all the breeds that I have either owned or are owned by friends of mine, my Tibetan Terriers.

    * Non (or v. low) shedding.
    * Small enough that they can be picked up if necessary.
    * Big enough to go for long walks but happy with long or short walks
    * Renowned for their comedic personalities
    * Very loyal
    * No terrier traits
    * Enjoy being couch potatoes after a race around
    * Love human company

    I just love this breed, but the downside is the amount of grooming required and not a breed to be left for hours and hours alone.
  10. EmmiS

    EmmiS New Member

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    Emma Louise
    gorgeous, affectionate, laid back, adaptable, and just perfect!
  11. Nikki

    Nikki New Member

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    Same here :grin:
    My boy is nearly perfect :grin:
  12. Fivedogpam

    Fivedogpam New Member

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    I haven't owned many different breeds - beagle, labrador, lab cross and border collie and the latter are definitely my breed - can't imagine having anything different now!
  13. Janet

    Janet Member

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    I think the two best breeds I have had are border collies - (endless energy, loyal, loving), and a lurcher - (gentle, affectionate and as good as gold.)

    Yet, I keep going back to poodles.
  14. madmare

    madmare New Member

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    This is a hard one as I have a few favourite breeds that I have owned.

    I think I will have to go for my JRT's,

    They are fun, very intelligent, mischievious, overloaded with character, loving, and cuddly and both mine have been sweet natured. They are also very good and fast at agility.

  15. Ginge2602

    Ginge2602 New Member

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    A good old fashioned mongrel! No health problems, no behaviour problems. How I long for the days when someone who said 'socialisation' in reference to a dog would have been locked up!
  16. x-clo-x

    x-clo-x Member

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    not having owned all the breeds i want to, and only having cresteds and a lurcher (she very recently) i dont think i could say which breed is best.

    i love my cresteds as they are easy. they are laid back, dont need alot of exercise, dont shed, dont eat alot.. theyre fun loving loyal fiesty little dogs.

    i love my lurcher. she has definitely got under my skin and i will always have a lurcher now i think. she is so chilled out, gentle and loyal. she has understanding soulful eyes, and is fast becoming my best friend despite only being here for just over 2 months.
  17. Throwthestick

    Throwthestick New Member

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    This is a really interesting question for me. So many people look for different things in their dogs! I did rescue for over 12yrs - prior to retiring due to well ... in order to be polite we'll call it politics. I still occasionally foster for the Bull Terrier club when they are overloaded - which is happening a lot right now as bull terriers seem to be coming out of the wood work!

    Anyway I digress! throughout the years we have had most of the purebred dog breeds come through the house. Everything from Afghan hounds to teeny tiny Brussels Griffons. Also more giant breeds than I care to think about as those are kind of my specialty.

    Out of all the dogs I have fostered and all the dogs I have owned the breed I love the most is the Fila Brasileiro.

    If you read anything about them you will quickly realise they are not the dog for everyone and honestly most people should not own them! However for me - they are perfection. Extremely good with their family and tolerant of kids, good with other animals (if properly socialized as a puppy), very easy to train but they are self thinking dogs that will frequently stop and ask you why you want them to do something. Also there is an added bonus - she will eat anyone that comes onto my property uninvited.

    Honestly with Kaylee our fila - I have never been so intuned with a dog and she has taught me sooo much about what to do and what not to do with a dog.

    Gah sorry this got so long!

    Bea & Co
  18. MARKFLO78

    MARKFLO78 New Member

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    whippet x
    fantastic... loyal, loving, calm, sleepy and fast
  19. Jesss

    Jesss New Member

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    Will is heinz 57 and is wonderful he has collie springer and retriever in him and has just been the best dog- better than most humans! We wanted wiggins to be fairly similar but wanted to train our own pup which seemed a good idea at the time! He is springer x collie, on a practical basis this is better because i can lift him in and out of the boot easily. He has been a nightmare to train but actually now is growing into a lovely dog! Clever enough and mischievous! His energy levels has got me into agility with him which wasnt the plan but now we both love it though neither of us are naturals! Really he is intended to be a hiking / fell running friend for my partner so we will see how that goes now!
  20. Jackalyn

    Jackalyn New Member

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    German shepherd, beautiful, gentle, good as gold, and loving although a total different dog when out of the house.

    Springer spaniel, so loving, always wanting cuddles, affectionate, very intelligent, full of energy full of mischief.

    It's good that most people choose their own dogs as their favourite breeds. I've never had one but always fancied a king Charles spaniel or a Yorkshire terrier as my next dog.
  21. Julie

    Julie New Member

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    Chihuahua just because they are so portable/easy to take places. Also unless you have been loved by one well you will never understand the attraction :007:

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