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    The Pointers - a Poem


    We are not the same, but much the same sizes,
    Some are smooth and some have eyebrows on eyeses,
    And whiskers that go round our faces and noses!
    And some have small spots on their legs and their toeses!
    We come in nice colours, in dapple and patches.
    And some come alone and others in batches!
    Some are quite brilliant and win lots of prizes
    While some never win, but tell lots of lieses!
    We stand fine and tall on elegant legses,
    And we have in our mouth some lively white peggsies!
    Some are a bit shy and make loud boasts,
    While some are as deaf as proverbial posts.
    Some can find birds, and tell where they’re hidden
    And some wouldn’t know a bird if it hit’em…
    We’re not vicious guard dogs patrolling the houses
    Attacking the postman and ripping his trousers.
    Some strangers may find us a little bit choosy
    But we’re nice lil doggies right down to our tootsies!!!!

    Author Unknown
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    I LOVE IT!!! :D:D:D:D

    I LOVE pointers so much! so that is excellent!

    thank you


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