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Discussion in 'Whippet' started by MsMae, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Thinking about getting two Whippets

    I am considering getting a Whippet. I like the idea that they are generally gentle, mild-mannered, clean, quiet and docile.

    I am considering getting TWO so they won't be lonely when I am at work. I would get both of them 'fixed' as soon as they were old enough.

    I was wondering if it would be better to get two of the same sex, opposite, or doesn't it matter? (as long as they're neutered)...

    I live in a city apartment and have a calm, quiet lifestyle. I am a very organized, responsible and low-key type of person.

    Providing I walk them adequately, would whippets be comfortable in an apartment?

    Also, any tips for walking a whippet? ( certain type of harness or leash, etc )... bc

    I understand they have the tendency to chase things (small animals, etc) and ** I am only 5'2 and 100 lbs. **

    So I worry/wonder about this...

    That's probably the main concern I have about them. Everything else I find very appealing and think I could accommodate.

    Do you think the Whippet would be a good choice for me? or not so much? Other breeds I have looked up (as potential choices for apartment dogs,) are either too noisy or shed too much. ( I can't have dogs known to bark excessively or shed heavily. )

    Any advice would be appreciated. THANK YOU!
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  3. labradork

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    Were you interested in getting a puppy or adult? are you on the ground floor or up stairs? toilet training a puppy can be very difficult if you don't have access to a garden, more so if you are not on the ground floor and can't whisk the pup out ASAP.

    An adult dog Whippet should be ok provided it is exercised, stimulated and taken out to toilet multiple times per day. A girl I know has two Whippets in a flat and they are fine.

    Barking/howling when left alone and destroying the furniture will depend on the dog I am afraid. However, if you manage a dog correctly, there should be no need for them to destroy furniture. Likewise if you slowly acclimatize them to being left for short periods there should be no need for them to bark the place down (although it doesn't always work out like that).

    If this is your first dog, have you considered the impact the dog will have on you? it is very much do-able having a dog in an apartment but you need to be very dedicated to make it work. You can't just chuck the dog into the garden, you have to physically go out with it each time.

    Are you prepared to get up early in the morning for the next 12+ years? you won't get a chance to lie in as taking the dog out to toilet first thing will be your priority. Likewise with late night toilet trips -- are you happy taking the dog out late at night on your own?

    Are you prepared to deal with potential messes all over your apartment if your dog gets sick? cleaning up poo and vomit at 3am will become a reality at some point.

    Are you prepared to make this dog the number one priority in your life? they are not pets like any other and they really do dictate your life and how you spend your time.

    I would not think about getting two dogs at the same time. Way too much can go wrong with this.

    Any dog can chase things but sighthounds were bred specifically to chase, so yes there is a risk of them wanting to chase things.

    If you are house proud and worrying about the dog shedding, what about dealing with the other dirt and grime that comes part and parcel with owning a dog? if you get a puppy it is going to wee and poo everywhere. Your dog will also get wet and muddy on walks at times.
  4. MsMae

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    Thank you for your response and info. I truly appreciate it.

    My family used to breed dogs when I was a young child, so I have been around dogs for as long as I can remember and know what it takes to take care of them and be responsible. I have no problem or vanity getting my hands dirty. Our family has gone through several family dogs (from weiner dogs to labs to poodles) that all lived well into old age. It's like having another child in the house. I know. :) My sister and I have been taking care of our family pets our entire lives. So I've had LOTS of practice.

    One of the reasons I am esp enthusiastic about getting a dog (such as a Whippet ) is bc for the first time it would really feel like *my* dog. You know? I just want to do the best job possible.

    I have had experience with several breeds, but never this one. ( Over the years it helped me narrow down what type of dog I would eventually want for my own. ) I had been reading up on Whippets and found a lot of their characteristics to be something that would really work for me and my lifestyle. But I was still eager to know what actual Whippet owners had to say and advise...

    I grew up in the suburbs, but we always kept our (all) our pets indoors . So both the city and apartment setting / environment is new for me, and even though I have much experience and practice with dogs, I have no experience with this exact particular *type* of dog.
    (Since each dog, and breed varies, I just like to be as prepared and informed as humanly possible.)

    I am an artist, so much of my work is typically done at home anyway. So I have no plans of neglecting my Whippet! I have enjoyed the companionship of dogs and pets my entire life, but also understand (first-hand) the large responsibility that comes with it. And I welcome it.

    It's nice to come home to something other than an empty apartment.
    Thank you esp for the tip about being ground-level, as stairs aren't good for larger dogs.
    I will be moving to my first (pet friendly) apartment next year, so that is something I will specifically look for.
    Thank you again for your thoughtful response, and I welcome any further advice and Whippet tips!
  5. zoe1969

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    I have a whippet cross called Poppy...she is more whippet than anything else. She is lovely but very energetic!:mrgreen: She's about 2.5 years old now. That said, when she's had her nutty running session she will sleep and sleep. She also will sleep in until I get up no problem.
    If you're at home all the time then that's fab;-) As for stairs....Poppy has no problem with them.....because she only touches 2 steps when she flies up them ...LoL!!:005:
    She IS a mega chewer though! She has chewed and ruined at least 10 pairs of shoes belonging to my hubby and me!! Including my very expensive walking shoes!
  6. Fernsmum

    Fernsmum New Member

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    Whippets are generally speaking very calm and well mannered however whippet puppies do have the reputation of being very naughty and then they calm right down .
    Personally I would not get two pups together however if you were to rescue an already bonded adult pair then that would be fine .
    With whippets I don't think the sex matters . I always have all females usually 3 or 4 but I know people who always have males and that seems to work well too .
    They will chase small furries given the chance but you should have no problem holding on to two whippets on the lead .
    I don't think where you live really matters as long as they are taken out for the toilet and well exercised .
    Whippets really like you to be around quite a lot so I wouldn't get them if your lifestyle would not allow this .
  7. MsMae

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    THANK YOU so much to all for sharing your info., advice and experiences! I truly appreciate it!! :grin:

    I had two last questions regarding Whippets...

    (1) If my apartment had an enclosed garden or patio area (with plants, flowers, etc. ) do Whippets have any (extreme) tendency or attraction to eat flowers and shrubs? (more than the average dog I mean)?...


    (2) Speaking in eventual, long-term plans, I would (eventually) like to get a 'pal' companion dog for my Whippet.

    Would you suggest getting another fellow Whippet, or would it be ok to get another medium size dog? (and if so, any particular, specific breed you recommend)?

    I would need the second dog's temperament to 'mesh' well with my Whippet's gentle nature, or be similar. (generally speaking)... I would need an amiable, *non*-bullying type ...

    Any suggestions?
  8. Fernsmum

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    My whippets are a nightmare in the garden they eat everything ! As a result they are seldon out there !
    I think whippets generally adore other whippets and that would be the best combination . However they get along with most dogs and any other breed would also be suitable .
    I currently have 3 whippets and a miniature poodle and they all get along just fine .
  9. SneaksyWhippet

    SneaksyWhippet New Member

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    I expect tendency to eat flowers/shrubs will depend on the individual dog. My two love to eat grass but I've never seen them eat other plants, flowers or foliage.

    As for a companion later down the line, I would definitely recommend a second whippet. They gel so well with their own kind; they have a certain style of play (running, chasing, wrestling, face-biting) that not all other dogs fit in so well with. Seeing two whippets running together is great :) Other breeds do also fit in well with whippets, but I expect once you have one you'll want to add another ;)

    If I were you I would get out and about to try to meet as many whippets as possible. Mine don't fit into the "quiet, gentle, timid" impression that many people have of the breed. One of mine is the friendliest dog I've ever known (with both humans and dogs) but he is not at all reserved with it. He enthusiastically launches himself at new people, demanding cuddles and preferably full body contact by sitting on their knee if possible. Or else he'll try to climb up them, put his paws on their shoulders and give kisses to their face, neck and ears. He's quite stubborn and can be very demanding (barks or looks for naughty things to do if you wants something/attention) and has many quirks. Although he's slim and muscular, he's far from a small dog (weighs around 17kg) and he certainly makes his presence known! My other boy is quite different in character. More reserved with strangers, anxious of strange dogs, intimidated by strange men and has a tendency to get very stressed in new/unfamiliar situations. However he doesn't approach these emotions in a timid way! He's a barker, a runner and part kangaroo I'm sure. He plays ROUGH and often tries to provoke other dogs to get them to chase him. He is not afraid to stand up for himself or defend himself and occasionally he verges on being a bit of a bully. But when he knows you and feels comfortable with you and you've gained his trust, he's the sweetest boy ever. He's so eager to please me and hangs on to my every word, making him a lot more trainable than the more defiant one. He is incredibly bonded to me and stresses without me, whereas the other one will happily go off with anyone.

    Both my boys were adults when I adopted them so came with a lot of their own issues, which I think contributes to their quirky characters. There is never a dull moment with them around and I love them to bits. But they are certainly not the shy, quiet, reserved dogs that I once thought whippets were!

    I would say that they would be a good choice for apartment living. They are naturally very clean and low maintenance in terms of grooming; they don't shed much or slobber everywhere and they don't have any doggy odour. They tend to have a good blast where they let off their energy (outside on walks or else at home, which we call the whippeting hour) then just collapse and sleep. Mine like routine and adjust well to it, and they love company. Working from home would be great in your whippet's eyes, but I'd just be careful to make sure they don't end up suffering from separation anxiety (something they can be prone to) if they spend all their time with you.

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