Tibetan Spaniels, what are they like? Questions

Discussion in 'Tibetan Spaniel' started by Luke, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Tibetan Spaniels, what are they like?

    We met a lovely parti coloured (unsure if correct term) dog today, he was lovely...the odd couple both really liked him. They are a breed I started to admire a bit ago after seeing them at DD, they seem a very charming small dog without any fussyness of many of their similar ilk.
    Can anyone tell me more about them, what are they like to live with and so forth?
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    My Chloe is a 3 year old white and sable Tibetan Spaniel, and I've owned her since she was 6 weeks old.

    Tibbies are very sturdy dogs with few health issues and and they'll take as much or as little exercise as you care to give them. Because they were originally bred as watchdogs they're happy to spend hours perched on the back of an armchair watching the world go by. Unlike most small dogs Tibbies aren't yappy .... they have a surprising deep bark for a dog of their size.

    Chloe loves all animals and people great and small ... she likes going to the dairy and watching the cows being milked and has an instant love affair with with every man she meets! She's highly intelligent, extremely independant and quick witted but above all she has a mind of her own (which makes her rather bossy). She has a happy go lucky personality, is a born comedian who keeps you entertained with her antics.

    The downside of owning a Tibbie is that they can be difficult to train. I found the easiest way to train Chloe was was to concentrate on my Shar-Pei who was very obedient and Chloe would automatically do what she did. I should also warn you that some Tibbies (mine included) can be escape artists and you need a really secure enclosed garden for them to play in. I've caught Chloe wriggling through drainpipes, climbing over and burrowing under fences!

    But having said all that I wouldn't be without her for all the world despite all her little quirks ..... she's my sweetheart!

    If you want more information about Tibetan Spaniels go to to www.tibbes.net
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    firstly they get on well with roughs:) my friend has one , its noisy when someone walks past the house,suffers from selective hearing but a lovely happy friendly girlie! Very healthy breed that i like very much.
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    Thanks both!
    I really quite like them, they are small and compact but seem quite "no frills".

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