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Discussion in 'Crossbreeds Forum' started by Malka, Jul 7, 2018.

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    Tikva thinks she is a cat

    Well she purrs, and dogs do not purr - do they? When I open her crate in the mornings she leaps up on the bed so I do not have to bend down to pet her, and she stands there with her happy morning face and ail going twenty to the dozen, while I pat/rub/stroke her head and twiddle her ears with my right hand and talk to her "did you have a good sleep Tikki?" - my left hand under her lower jaw stroking her throat...

    ...and she purrs. Quietly. And I can feel the purring in her throat just as I used to be able to feel Kat purring.

    I think she is a very happy and contented little wubble.
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