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Discussion in 'Crossbreeds Forum' started by Malka, Jul 22, 2018.

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    She is outside
    sprawled out
    in the same way
    that Pereg did

    It must be a bit cooler
    as it is still in shade

    Same place
    same position
    and when I lean forward
    to look at her
    she sees me and looks up

    Just as Pereg did
    with the same expression
    Pereg had on her face
    as if to say
    I am still here
    do not worry

    She is not Pereg
    she is Tikva
    who came into the world
    so soon after Pereg had left it

    Pereg was not big
    but the one third of that
    is my little Tikki Tikva
    reminds me of her
    every day

    Reminds me that Pereg loved me
    as much as I loved her
    and now I have
    the same love to give and get
    from Tikva

    Why has Tikva have
    so many of Pereg's habits
    and expressions
    and looks

    With the same love
    in her eyes
    that Pereg had

    Because Pereg sent her

    I love Tikki Tikva so much
    just as I did Pereg
    and Lexi before
    and all the little Griffons
    that I helped to be born

    And are now somewhere
    over the Bridge
    my Lexi and my Pereg
    and all the Griffons
    moms and pups

    I hope Baby Ziva
    met up with them
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  3. My bear Yoji

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    That is wonderful Juli x
  4. Malka

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    Thank you Philippa :) - I did not even plan it, it just happened and I typed without thinking. Without even looking at what I was writing, just looking at Tikva, and did not even preview it so probably the grammar is a bit off in places.

    It was such a wonderful moment, when Tikki realised I was looking at her so looked up at me with exactly the same expression that Pereg used to have on her face, and I just had to get that moment down.

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