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Discussion in 'Poodle (Toy)' started by jekana, Sep 27, 2014.

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    toy poodle

    Hello dog lovers,

    Here is my situation: (i think it's important)

    I live in Kiel, Germany. Work from 07:30-17:00. I have a one-room flat (about 30m2). Live in a building which have lagre yard where dogs can play. Also, infront of my building there is a small park, also for dogs.

    I have to spend a lot of time on work, but before and after work i can always find at least half an hour (before work) and at least 2h after work for walk, or run with him. Of course, when i am home, i will be non-stop with him/her. Also, my parent and friends are here very often, so he/she can get more attention from time to time.

    I moved to Kiel 3 month ago, i was thinking a lot about this decission, to buy a dog, but now i am sure.

    So, based on all of the above, i really appreciate if you tell me your opinion, which dog is the best for me. (or - is toy poodle good for my conditions)

    All the best, and i hope we will have good cooperation. [​IMG]

    (if you have more questions, just ask!)
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    Truly I think your better off with a cat not a dog due to the time you be able to spend with a pet.
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    Cats can be left for much longer periods as Tina mentioned. However, with the right management some dogs do ok in a normal work life too. You'll need to leave them with games to stimulate them mentally, or perhaps even have the dog channel on.

    Poodles are active breeds, so maybe look at other less active breeds too? Such as Pugs, Boston Terriers etc :)
  5. Janet

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    My experience of poodles is that they do need lots of company, and I don't think a toy poodle would be happy being left for long periods. Is it at all possible for you to have two dogs so they could at least keep each other company?

    Here in the UK there are a large number of retired greyhounds desperately needing homes - I don't know the situation in Germany. Greyhounds tend to be very lazy round the house and happy to sleep for long periods, so if you could manage a large dog that might be a solution.
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    I wouldn’t go for a working breed- or a young dog. , Obviously if you get a puppy, it will take a while for them to settle in and they will need regular toilet breaks. you could rescue an adult dog, im sure most would love the chance of a nice warm house all day rather than being stuck in a kennel for months/years facing the prospect of being put to sleep

    I know a lot of people use up as much holiday as they can to settle in a new dog when they first get it that way you can slowly get them used to being left for longer periods of time.
    Is there anyway you could get home at lunchtimes to let it out, or you could get a friend/neighbour/relative or dog walker to let the dog out for you.
    I don't think that working full time should stop you getting a dog at all, you just have to think about the best way of doing it )

    Its also worth remembering that a dog can be very tying, so things like holidays, illness Ect: all take arranging, so you do need to know a few people that can look after your dog at short notice.

    Plus don’t forget your neighbours; last thing they want is a dog barking all day.

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