Type dogs dda/bsl BSL

Discussion in 'Bull Breeds Forum' started by Nikkiandy, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Type dogs dda/bsl

    Hello fellow bullyowners, please please please help me raise funds for dda watch, They are the best charity Ive been fortunate to come across, we are rehoming a dog from them. please google dda watch, allie green or end bsl. dda watch. Apart from being 100% self funded and non profit, they will help owners with the legal side of things as well as saving innocent dogs lives! These guys are a must help organisation!
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    Couldn't agree more as I type this I am wearing my DDA watch t-shirt and have happily contributed in the past and am going to enter their name a puppy competition today.

    At the minute they have several dogs in kennels they have saved from PTS these dogs have all been deemed not type but many were surrendered or seized as type (some as tiny pups - a couple were even born in segregated kennels and were waiting for court order to PTS DDA intervened and saved these Non type dogs and they now are actively looking for homes and they foot the kennel bills every month and at a cost of £16 a dog a day there bilss are very high and they also as Nikkiandy says help with the legal side of things and representation in court
    A caase they are dealing with at the minute
    Male owner takes bull breed dog to vets to be neuterd. This responsible guy takes his dog to obedience where he is a model pupil, dog has never shown any aggression and is well trained and socialised. Vet takes dog in neuters him phones dog unit hands dog over to police (note owner is unaware and has not signed his dog over to police) Owner goes to collect dog from vets to be told dog has been seized as type and gets handed a bill for op. Police then areest him on suspicion of owning type dog! Dog now in kennels (straight after op) awaiting a court date.

    Disgusting if you ask me Good on allie and DDA watch helping all they can
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    I hope he gets his dog back and didnt pay the vet bill.

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