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    Westie puppy

    We recently purchased a Westie puppy. He is 9 weeks old. I understand that puppies bite due to teething and natural instinct but he is very aggressive and rough. We have tried yelping, saying ooowwww, redirecting, saying no but he just doesn't stop and becomes more and more rough. I have bought every nylabon, kong, chew toy for puppies that they make. These toys only keep him occupied for a minute or two before he drops and starts biting at feet/shoes/hands/clothes/furniture. He also can't be left alone for even a few minutes without howling/whining. I have bought gates so that we can be in the same room with him after playing and still get things done like cook dinner. Even then he can't keep himself occupied with his toys. He will cry and jump up on you until some one picks him up.

    We play with him all the time and have spent time every day training him for short periods of time. At this point, I am at a loss. I know he is a baby but I am just curious if this level of neediness is normal.

    We tried slowly introducing a crate as well by feeding him his meals in there, doing some training by tossing treats in there and having him go in, hiding treats under a blanket that smells like his litter. He still can't stay in the crate for longer than a few minutes without crying and trying to chew his way out. He has gone as far as pooping on his blanket while in his crate which then he got all over himself. This was after being in there for 5 minutes.

    We had a Westie before and got him as a puppy so I am very surprised by the behaviors I am seeing with the puppy. Please help. I am feeling defeated.
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