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Discussion in 'Whippet' started by MARKFLO78, Mar 1, 2013.


which is the fastest labrador 38kg or whippet x

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    What is faster?

    hi i have a big black 3 year old lab who is amazing, to play with her and keep her company i bought a 3 year old whippet x beddi,
    she is a tiger stripe brindle and only 16 and hanf inch to shoulder, i bought her off a game keeper who thought she was useless to him.
    well..... she is the best thing i have ever bought, a complete little character, full of beans fast as the wind and the most loving dog i have ever seen.
    plus she is best mates with my lab and theyre great company.

    she is going through a weeing in the night phase which is intermittent at the moment, but that will right its self soon.

    i just wanted to chat with people with this type of dog to learn of their experiences.
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