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Discussion in 'Schnauzer' started by Anne-Marie, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. spaznchevy

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    i know here in the us i dont think they are permissable
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  3. Meg

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    I understand white Minis originated in the USA possibly as a result of puppy farmers crossing Minis with Westies .

    To me they are an aberration and although they are becoming popular I don't consider them to benefit the breed in any way.
  4. Velvetboxers

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    Love it:mrgreen:

    That said there is a German lady who has shown White Boxers very successfully in the USA for many years & still does.

    If I hadn't had our boy neutered [undescended testes] I just might have been tempted to show him as he is a fantastic looking Boxer. I would need a very thick skin [:lol: ] but it would have been interesting to say the least:mrgreen:

    I like the White Schnauzers, didnt know they existed but now having seen pics of them, I think they are lovely. Coat stripping would put me off tho... Oh the worries of [and praying] that the new coat will be threw in time for such and such show when you have a dog whose coat needs stripped:002:

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