Can Anyone Help to Identify the Breed(s) Questions

Discussion in 'Dutch Shepherd Dog' started by Varmint, Jul 4, 2017.

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    Can Anyone Help to Identify the Breed(s)

    I posted this on the General Board and got some help there. I thought maybe I'd ask the experts.

    Could anyone follow this link and please take a look at this dog.

    When we took him to the vet he told us that he appeared to be Dutch Shepherd.
    I've done a little research and I know that the ears are totally out of whack but his wedged shaped head and other things make me wonder.

    Since that initial visit to the vet, I've received many more opinions about his breed ranging from Mastiff to Chesapeake Bay Retriever to Doberman.

    Anyone's opinion will make no difference in just how much we love this dog, we would just like to know how to answer when owners at the dog park ask about him. I would like to give more than "a Heinz 57".

    Any help would be appreciated.
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