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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Malka, Sep 27, 2017.

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    Fish for breakfast tomorrow...

    ...and for a long while to come. OK so not every day but every three days - turkey neck/chicken wing/fish is the order. Assuming I can remember which day is which!

    The fish van came and they had lovely, fresh, large, plump sardines. Yummy. I had not seen the fish van for ages although I am sure they have been round - there were no fish left in Pereg's freezer, and Tikva does enjoy a fish ice-lolly for her brekki. The usual "Two kilos for 100 shekalim" - me - "No, three kilos" - them "Two and a half kilos" - me - "No, three kilos". And as usual, I got the three kilos although I am not 100% sure that their scales are accurate but I am not going to argue about a few sardines short.

    So I now have three trays of them being open frozen in Three Bees and two trays in the freezer section of my f/f. Where I will put them all once frozen is a moot point but I will find space somewhere if I shuffle things around.

    And while I was sorting, traying, and putting in the freezers, two wide eyes were watching me in the vague hope that I might drop one or three! :005:
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