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    My husband and I have been looking for a cool dog for months now and I found a gorgeous 6 wk old female akita that I fell in love with. I have 5 cats so I was thinking a puppy would be best so that they are not intimidated by her and also so she learns to respect them early. We are also looking for a dog that we can go for jogs with (not long runs - may 1-2 miles) and play fetch/frisbee.

    I have read lots about how headstrong and sometimes aggressive akita are. We have always planned to hire a professional trainer but the more I read, the more I am wondering if, even with training, I run the risk of having a dog that could hurt my cats, doesn't like to run on a leash and who will be standoffish or even aggressive toward other people and dogs.

    I really need to hear from some Akita owners about whether your dog gets along with cats, will go for jogs with you, whether they will play with you (fetch/frisbee) and if you can rewire their hardwired instinct to be aggressive toward other dogs and small animals. Are they at least sweet to their family??? I really loved this puppy but I also need to know that she won't disrupt our entire life.

    Thank you.
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    Hi, it sounds as if I am just the girl for you to chat to
    I hope I don’t bore anyone else who reads this because once I get going I can rattle on
    My husband and I got our male Akita at 8 weeks old, he is now 9 months....Yoji
    I can tell you of our experiences and I hope it doesn’t make him sound a bad dog. They have a complex character and as long as you are aware of your own dogs traits they are a wonderful dog, we love him
    We don't have any other animals, so, I can’t comment on that point
    For the first 18 month they have to be walked slowly and short distances, this is due to their soft growing bones
    They are know for NOT playing fetch although they will throw a ball about for a minute or so, if you throw it they will run after it a couple of times and then either ignore it or look at you as if to say “ you threw it you get it “ Yoji does just this
    Akitas are not a dog to let off the lead, they are so inquisitive and headstrong their recall can be hit and miss, so, for me don’t risk it.
    In the house he is the softest thing, quite relaxed and calm even, especially for a pup
    We have the privilege of early retirement, so, he doesn’t have long spells alone, with that he doesn’t suffer separation anxiety either
    We keep him well excercied and entertained with various toys which is one of the reasons he hasn’t destroyed anything in the house
    Yoji is ok and has played with other female dogs and even after castration is male dog aggressive, we know this and manage it
    So, to round things up.......and this is only my opinion and I’m looking forward to hear what anyone else thinks, if you can put the ‘fetch games’ and “jogging” aside I think a puppy would grow up to accept the cats, I say this not from experience, but, from lots of photos I see
    Have a look a a web site called Akita Rescue & Welfare it’s a great group
    Please keep in touch and let me know what you decide
    Oh, one last point, we crate trained Yoji, it was a great success and now at 9months he is hardly in it, even at night
    If you have a photo please share it with us
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    I had a cat and ferrets with my Akitas with no problems, though if given the chance would chase strange cats ,there is always the exception but they aren’t big into playing, they tend to think for themselves and have a very low tolerance for repetition, so training has to be done in short bursts, as for jogging I don’t see any problems but not advised to start too young.

    Temperaments vary depending on breeding and environment but they are by nature a dominant breed with high prey drive and known for being aggressive to strange dogs. They need a confident and firm hand,

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