New Akita owner Questions

Discussion in 'Akita' started by Hartbycal, Jul 12, 2017.

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    New Akita owner

    i have a 5 month old all white akita puppy. I've never owned a Akita prior to this. I've had him for about a month now. He's been doing really good. Almost have him potty trained. He's an inside dog. I was just wondering if anyone had tips or do/donts. I'm currently feeding him "merrick" puppy food. I'm not exactly sure what exact kind of Akita he is.. his previous owner said he's "American Akita" . Is his fur suppose to be so short? When do puppy's hit a growths spurt? I've seen other Akitas online but there's so many different looking ones.. I'm just tryna to get an idea of how he may look as an Adult. He's about 5 months old.. 40 pounds.

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    Akita inus are smaller and finer than the American type.
    With the American type a lot depends on the quality of the breeding, plus some
    bloodlines produce larger akitas with thick bone structure and big heads.
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    Haley Young
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    Socialize socialize socialize!! I've had two and my last one was extremely people friendly. However was very dog aggressive. We had her in puppy classes and I think even a following class but she was the biggest puppy and chased the other puppies around. Even in the older class she was still a bigger dog. We even had her in show classes and she just got very dog aggressive. This is also just a personal preference but I hugged my akitas all the time I figured if I did it and they got used to it it wouldn't be a problem if a child did it and my last was so good with kids and strangers. Best dog I've ever had.

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