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Discussion in 'Shar Pei' started by Katie Deckard, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Picky Eaters

    I have a 3 year old Shar Pei Beagle mix. I know there is a mixed breed section but I was wondering if this is something that is typical of Shar Peis and if anyone has any tips. Lady will go a 1-3 days without eating at a time. This has been going on since I got her at 8 months old. I have tried everything. I'm feeding Health Extension kibble which has been amazing for her skin and stomach issues and she seems to really like when she actually eats it. I have tried everything. Canned food, mixing raw food into it, I've even tried probiotics in case it was from some stomach upset even though she has never had a problem going to the bathroom. I'm now feeding her free choice just to hopefully get her to eat more often and put some weight on. I weighed her for the first time in a long time the other day. The last time she was weighed, she was a year old and 45lbs. Now she's 3 and she's 42lbs. She looks healthy but she's just so skinny. She really does need to put on a few pounds.
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    Hello Katie - I do not know anything about either breed so am afraid I cannot advise you but there are Shar Pei and Beagle owners [slaves!] on Breedia so hopefully one will be able to help you.

    When you say she is skinny, how skinny? Do all her ribs show and/or her spine? However, I would not panic about a 3lb reduction in weight in two years, so what does your vet say?

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