Seasonal Behaviour Changes Behaviour

Discussion in 'Alaskan Malamute' started by AIIan, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Seasonal Behaviour Changes

    Not the weather seasons but breeding seasons.

    Everest gets remarkably calm and sedate during her time in heat. Fairly sleepy too.....

    Read a bit of info that dogs tend to get more active and fidgety but we have just the opposite.

    Anyone else experience this? It genuinely is no trouble at all, apart from being a bit grumpier shes a model citizen.......
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  3. CaroleC

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    I think my Cavaliers were a little more sedate when they came into season - at least until they reached the critical time, which is when they tried to get sneaky!
  4. Malka

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    Pereg was horrid during her first and only season, having been planned on being spayed three months after the first one, and she drove poor Lexi mad, humping her like there was no tomorrow. Lexi had an almost silent season and as she was the only girl I had, there was no problem with her.

    Tikva was spayed at six months old - not my choice as I had intended to wait for three months after her first season, but Ram reckoned she was old enough and small though she was she weighed enough, so she was done.

    Looking back on things I am glad. I never had problems with my Griffons when I used to breed them but I never had a stud dog so timing was the important thing and either they went to the chosen stud or he came to me to do the important thing.

    The fact that the little stud I used for my little Z girl had to do the deed in the kitchen next to the cooker while my young son was cooking his porridge was rather awkward though.

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