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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Malka, Apr 16, 2017.

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    The trouble with no interior doors...

    ...and having a shower, is da little booga. I cannot unclip her tether and give her free run of the bungalow as she would zoom into my bedroom, onto the bed, pillows thrown everywhere to get to the pack of tissues from under the pillows, and shred them. Nor can I leave her on her tether - she cannot reach the bedroom let alone my ensuite, and she would be very vocal about not coming with me.

    Only one thing to do. Unclip her tether and con her into going into her crate with a bikkie - she only goes into her crate at night or when I want a shower - get out clean clothes and put them on the bed - undress and put everything in the linen basket...

    ...and pull her crate, with her in it, up to the wide doorway of the ensuite where she can see me.

    Quick shower, put on towelling robe, grab bath towels and throw them on the bed, and somehow push her crate back where it belongs. My shower chair is a self-propelling manual one but there is not enough room to get past her crate to put it back, so I have to push it with the chair and then get it where it is supposed to be. Rather difficult but I am used to it by now. Well, it is either that or not shower at all! :043:
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