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Discussion in 'Australian Cattle Dog' started by Lhorn746, Nov 22, 2020.

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    ACD pup

    I posted a thread yesterday about our née ACD we were picking up quite a few hours away. We got him home kinda late last night but he had about 6 hours of play and adjustment time. He was pretty nervous at first but he is settling in nicely. Within an hour he was running through the house! So 1030 came around and I was ready for bed. I let him out he peed... I didn’t purchase a crate (I am this week) so I brought him in my bed thinking he would get up or let me know when he has to go potty. He would not settle down at all. I let him oit 3 or 4x from 10:30-12 he was back at at 5am full of energy. Exhausting first night. Definitely crate training
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