Afghan Hound rescued from far village in Afghanistan. Urgent Rescue

Discussion in 'Afghan Hound' started by Muhammad Daud, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Afghan Hound rescued from far village in Afghanistan. Urgent

    Hi everyone, hope you all doing well. I have rescued a white Afghan Hound froma far away village of Afghanistan. Its hairs have already fallen, skin in quite infected, having multiple types of incests in skin. He is totally not ready for a bath. What should I do, please teach me step by step. I am looking to take care of him for a couple of days here and then shift to Kabul. What should I do to cool him down, have a bath, spray and get-in in my room. I am hurry to see him beside me. Plz help.
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    Can you post a photo so we can give you correct advice
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    Poor dog. I really don't know how to help as I don't know what services you have available. Ideally, the Dog needs to see a vet, is there one in the area? If not, you need an experienced person to tell you what the infestation is. The most common ones are fleas, lice, and the mange mite, some are easier to treat than others. Perhaps a dog shelter, a farmer, a police dog handler or a pharmacy could give you an opinion. Is there still a zoo in Kabul? If so, they might be able to help. We will look at photo's, but it will not be as good as seeing the actual skin of the dog would be.
    You will need the correct treatment if it is going to work - I'm afraid that I don't know what is available in Afghanistan, but a pharmacist will know. If all else fails, Google some pictures of the pests I have named, see if you can identify them, and look up any remedies that are available to you.
    Good luck David, I hope you can make him better.

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