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    After School Snack!

    Good morning all! Snickers here barking that I can’t believe how the weather has changed so quickly in Maine and it’s starting to feel like fall. Looks like summer is finally over :(

    Well, on a more positive note, the end of summer brings on one of my favorite times of the year: The start of school! All my favorite humans that go to this place always get yummy new school sneakers and I just go nutso!!!!
    So my cousin is doggysitting me afternoons once she gets done with her classes. I was surprised to see her earlier this morning, but she stopped by quickly to make sure I had food. As soon as I greeted her, I saw I would have plenty to eat:
    COUSIN’S NEW SCHOOL SNEAKERS!!!!! I immediately started sniffing and licking hungrily! Mmmmm, slurp, slurp, new Nikes slurp, sniff, yummy white leather, sooo soft and delicious!! Cousin tried to get away and said they were brand new out of the box and had never been eaten. My only response was lots of wet growling and snorting
    and I drowned them in warm slimy Saint Bernard slobber:

    All that soft squishy white Nike leather was overwhelming and I just HAD to have them all for myself! Before Cousin even knew what happened, I wrestled one Nike right off her feet and ran off with it:

    Cousin chased me around, trying to get her scrumptious new Nike back. But as I chewed the soft leather toe and filled it with gooey drool, all I could hear was “BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Well, FINALLY we made a deal: Cousin can have her sneaker back so she is not late for school, but as soon as she gets here later today, those Nikes are fair game and are going to make an awesome after school snack!!! I don’t know how long school is, but I can’t WAIT for cousin to get back here!:

    Snickers the sneaker monster
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