Anatolian Cat Aggression Behaviour

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    Anatolian Cat Aggression

    We're having trouble with Tengri's aggression towards our cat. Our cat is indoors most of the day, and he is outside most of the day guarding our goats. When he comes inside at night, he gets way too assertive with her. They were separated for six months (she was away at a friend's house during the time our house was undergoing electrical renovations), and after being re-united in October, Tengri doesn't remember her. He sees her as an invader into his private castle. He's exhibiting consistent aggression towards her, which seems to be fueled by jealousy. He'll bark and lunge at her, and we're very worried he could badly harm or worse. As you can imagine, our anxiety levels are through the roof now. But also, he does bark at the other cats in our neighborhood (his kingdom), as well.
    We're so worried now from the fear of him accidentally getting ahold of her and killing her.
    I'm posting to ask you if you all think he'll be able to eventually calm down and accept our cat, and if you know of any methods we can employ to help him to accept her in his house. In your expert opinion, do you believe it's possible for Tengri to be trained or conditioned to accomplish this?
    We understand that all Anatolians are different when it comes to cat aggression, but any advice or guidance you can offer would be so greatly appreciated.
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