Another Shar Pei? Questions

Discussion in 'Shar Pei' started by Jdavi386, Jun 29, 2018.

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    Another Shar Pei?

    I currently have one shar pei, she's just over one year old. Love her, she's a fantastic dog. Am thinking of getting her a companion and want to know if bringing another shar pei into the mix would be a good idea?

    Has anyone had experience with bringing a second shar pei puppy into their household after having one around for a little while?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I know it can work and many people have multiple dogs, but, I’m not a fan. Maybe some breeds take to it better than others
    It will definitely change the dynamics hugely and not always in a good way
    I can’t talk from experience, so, wait for someone to come along and tell you the best way for introductions. I will be following you decision with great interest
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    @Pork1epe1 Could you possibly offer any insight?
    I can only say that there is a lady in my village who did add a younger Shar Pei. Though I don't know her to speak to, I have seen them out walking, and in both their condition and training they are a real credit to her.
    Personally, (and not Pei's), I have not had a single dog in over 50 years, and think the advantages outweigh the difficulties. There can be problems during the introduction period, and generally I believe that the opposite sex rule is advisable. Beagles are very food fixated, and my current pair had to be separated at mealtimes for the first couple of weeks - but this was the introduction of two adults. The only other difficulty I have had was between a Löwchen male and his father - there the problem intensified as the puppy became an adult, (there were females in my pack at that time). I think this introductory behaviour does vary a lot between individual breeds, which I guess is why you are asking the question specifically about Pei's!
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    Hi JP. I'm also a Shar-Pei owner and mum to 5 year old Georgina and 4.5 year old Gwylim a Miniature Schnauzer. Georgina's my second Pei and like my first, she was brought up from being a puppy with another dog of a similar age. Like @CaroleC I've always owned two or more dogs of different breeds, but all female and all a similar age. Gwylim is the first male dog I've ever owned.

    Georgina was 13 months old when I bought 9 month old Gwylim. I would have loved to have had a second Pei but because I sometimes have difficulty walking decided to go for a smaller sized dog. I also decided to go for a slightly older puppy and was extremely lucky to find an excellent Miniature Schnauzer breeder who after meeting Georgina several times and having lots of discussions chose Gwylim as a suitable companion.

    It's been a match made in heaven! In the just over 4 years they've been together there's never been a cross word between them. She's an excellent "big sister",quite protective of her little brother who in typical terrier fashion sometimes needs saving from himself!

    Personally if I was younger I'd certainly own a second Pei. On the Pei FB groups I belong to there are several people who own multiple Pei without too many problem. I know of one couple in the UK who own 6 rescues.

    Hope that helps you to make a decision!

    Forgot to add that you can read about Georgina under Shar-Pei on this forum.

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