Any help identifying this breed? Questions

Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Steve Williams, Jun 21, 2024.

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    Any help identifying this breed?

    Please help if you can. Any clue as to what breed/mix this little guy is?

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  3. Toedtoes

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    It can be really difficult to identify a mixed breed accurately just by looks.

    A dna test can give the most accurate results.

    When trying to determine based on observation, you have to consider the region where the dog is from as different breeds are more common in some states/countries/regions than others. You also have to consider the dog's personality as well as physical traits. Last but not least, you have to realize that just because a dog "looks" like a certain breed, doesn't mean he has any of that breed in him. It could simply be that two or more other breeds combined to get that appearance that looks "obviously this breed".

    My Moose-dog, and his littermates, was thought to be a shepherd-rottie cross as a puppy. When he grew up, he was "obviously" shepherd and dobie. His dna showed he was shepherd, poodle and newfie. The poodle and shepherd combined to give him a dobie look and the newfie gave him a white stripe down his chest that didn't fit with a shepherd-dobie mix.

    So, with all that and not knowing where you are located, I would guess there is cattle dog and terrier in there. Maybe shepherd - in the states, shepherd is still the number one mixed-breed breed (poodle is at the top for small dogs, but chihuahua is edging them out).

    The eye color lends to the cattle dog - moreso than a husky blue eye in my opinion but there could be husky. The coat texture looks fairly terrier.

    It's difficult to tell if the coat coloring is more of a merle or ticking. If merle, then it may more likely be aussie or border collie than cattle dog. If ticking, then the cattle dog is more likely.

    There could be schnauzer or doxie in there - that could account for the coat texture and maybe some of the coloring.

    Whatever he is, he is adorable! I suspect he's quite clever and charming.
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    I can't spot which country Steve W. is in. If he is in the UK, (or another country), the choice of potential breeds could be quite different. I would certainly go for a dna test - the basic 'which breed' one from Wisdom Panel is not very expensive.
    If you do decide to go ahead, do please come back and let us know the results.
  5. cooperdog

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    looks like a cattle dog mix to me. the coat pattern and eye color are pretty typical. maybe some terrier in there too, judging by the fur texture. cute pup tho!

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