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Discussion in 'Australian Cattle Dog' started by DeniciaMarie, Feb 5, 2019.

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    Australian Cattle Dog

    Hello, My name is Denicia My boyfriend (Jon) and I were thinking about breeding our Blue heeler.
    We have no idea even where to start Research wise, thus why i'm posting this. We have a female ACK certified all that jazz, just turned a year and i'm not even sure shes gone into her first heat yet. We leaning on 2 years as our goal to become comfortable enough with knowledge on breeding in order to move forward with the decision.

    We would love to here back with some articles, websites, anything really of information on becoming breeders and how to breed, take care, you know everything that comes with breeding and having a litter, finance health...etc even your advice! and how you do it yourself.

    Again we'd love to here back from you.Anybody?......

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    Hi Denicia, well done for thinking well ahead and gathering the knowledge to allow you to do the best that you can. IMO the most informative book about breeding is,
    The Book of the Bitch, by J. M. Evans and Kay White, - you should be able to find it on Amazon - it has been through several editions and has yet to be bettered.
    Breeding is not just about the physiology though, it should be about breeding the best puppies you can. This means being able to recognise what may need to be improved in your girl, (there always is something), and the ability to 'read' a pedigree - that is being able to recognise which dogs or lines are of higher value in contributing to the health of the breed, and the breed type that you are aiming for.
    If you are still in touch with your girl's breeder, she should be able to advise you what health testing should be carried out for this breed, and maybe could make some suggestions for compatible bloodlines. If not, health test recommendations will be found under your breed page on the AKC site. This year you could start attending some breed shows and picking out the dogs that you like, and seeing how they are bred. You may be able to get additional information on the Breed Standard from your national breed club website.

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