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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by SimkasMom, Oct 8, 2021.

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    Awesome Afternoon!

    Hey all! Simka here barking that I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Just thought I would drop in and lighten the mood and let everyone know what an awesome afternoon I had! Well, my human cousins and aunties have been watching me in the afternoons after they get done with their school classes thingy. Today my Cousin Elizabeth came over. I was napping when she arrived and soon my nose smelled something heavenly and I woke up to go explore. Fortunately I knew EXACTLY what it was. I have been craving them as I have not tasted any in a long time. I followed the scent of soft chewy squishy leather to the kitchen and saw this: 5D826EF6-7D37-4B9F-879A-6F9FA0370EA1.jpeg

    NEW NIKE SNEAKERS!!! Apparently Cousin Elizabeth had slipped them off and locked them up so I couldn’t get them. Hmmph! I begged and whined but she would not let me have even a tiny nibble. So I just layed there and daydreamed about enjoying them. Well, at some point Cousin got up from the table, opened the gate, and went upstairs to the bathroom. Apparently she didn’t know I was close by. I ran into the kitchen, ready to pounce but she must have slipped the Nikes on. At that point I heard the toilet thingy flush and her coming down the stairs. I quickly shimmied under the table and hid. Cousin came back into the kitchen and sat back down and continued doing her homework. She was listening to music on her headphone thingies so I don’t think she knew I was under the table. This is what was just inches from my mouth:

    I just couldn’t help myself and sniffed and licked and nibbled on them. I was careful not to bite too hard so Cousin wouldn’t notice. They were soooo yummy and after a few minutes I turned into a big hungry sneaker monster and before Cousin knew it, I was eating those delicious new Nike sneakers right off her feet: 22DC58BF-0360-4CC8-B46B-93CA4C8C9C78.jpeg

    At that point, Cousin chased me around, trying to get her chewy sneakers back but gave up and let me have them. I took them both upstairs to the guest room to enjoy: C40E95B8-4A9E-4049-9E24-51F22F8C8AC0.jpeg

    Well, Cousin Elizabeth will be leaving shortly so I better get back to eating up those new Nikes for dessert before I have to give them back. Gonna make sure they are filled up with lots of warm gooey doggy slobber before she slips them on barefoot (I hid her tasty looking pink socks!).

    Love Simka
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