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Discussion in 'General Dog Chat' started by Mutts, Apr 12, 2019.

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    Breeds with Long Ears

    I'm new on here and was hoping you could help me out. I have a product called Mutts Ear Mitts, they prevent Grass Seeds and help protect the ears after injury etc. I originally had them made for Springer and Cocker spaniels but I'm now being asked if I do them for many other breeds.
    I would like to help as many breeds with long ears as possible. If you have a dog with long ears I was wondering if any of you would mind measuring your dog for me?
    The measurements I need are the ear from top to bottom and width and also from the top of the head just in front of the ears, around under the throat then back up to where you started.
    I have put this post on the Bloodhound section but then realised on this thread it would cover all breeds, so forgive me for double posting it.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing your replies.
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