First heat and growth Questions

Discussion in 'Akita' started by Kitatheakita, Aug 23, 2020.

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    First heat and growth

    Hello! My female American Akita decided to have her first heat yesterday. She's turning 7 months old in a week. A bit on the earlier side to start it, I thought it'll happen in 2-3 months... My question is, since someone told this, is whether she'll grow on height more or no after her heat? I was told she's now mainly grown, since her heat started and I should be worried about her size. She's currently 58cm/22.8 inches tall, which is quite much under the breed standard. Wouldn't mind her being smaller, but aside of being my friend, family member, I plan and have already attended shows with her. Should I worry she's gonna be too small by the standard when she's adult or not? Until the heat I thought she still has some growing to do... Thank you!
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