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Discussion in 'Your Introductions' started by Momto2Rotts, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Hello from NC!

    18800.jpeg 20171105_194000.jpg 20171102_205011.jpg 20171109_104852.jpg Hi! I'm Kim and we have a 10 yr old Rottweiler that's been the best dog we've ever had and last week we just got a baby girl Rottie from the same breeder. Our oldest is having a bit of arthritis and we're not really sure how long he has left ( only because they say Rotties life spans aren't too much longer) but he's doing really well right now that's for sure. Pic of both included. It's been awhile since I've trained a puppy so I'm looking to learn some things again, hopefully some from here too. One really nice thing is our older dog is helping great with some training! That was part of the plan too of course. I'm on the coast of NC. Everyone have a great evening! Kim
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